Chinese army to raise military training standards

Updated: 2014-03-20 21:14


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BEIJING - The level of Chinese military training will be raised to actual combat standard to improve the army's capabilities, according to a guidance issued by the country's military leadership.

Chinese army to raise military training standards
Actual-troop confrontation training conducted in N China

The Central Military Commission (CMC) issued the guidance after approval by Xi Jinping, Chinese president and chairman of the commission.

The guidance outlined concepts, principles, major tasks and measures to raise the military training level.

The guidance said strengthening combat readiness should be viewed as a top priority. It also called for improved mechanisms for training.

The guidance clarified tasks that need to be carried out for improving standards, and stressed that problems in military training should be addressed through mechanisms and systems with innovative ideas and measures.

The guidance came after news that President Xi is heading a leading group for deepening reform on national defense and the military.

During the first plenary meeting of the group under the CMC on Saturday, Xi stressed the country's military reform should be guided by the objective of building a strong army.