Trending: Panda beating video triggers outrage

Updated: 2014-11-22 10:55


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Trending: Panda beating video triggers outrage

Cheng Yingqing sells snacks at a street in Nanchang, Nov 19, 2014. [Photo/IC]

Woman sells one dime food string for 20 years

A 67-year-old woman in Nanchang city, Jiangxi province has recently become popular online for her unchanging snack prices.

Cheng Yingqing hasn't changed the price of her snacks in 20 years. Cheng starts her stall everyday at noon. She goes home to have lunch at 3 pm and comes out again at 5 pm till 7 pm in the evening.

The food string she sells still costs 0.10 yuan ($0.016), the same as 20 years ago. Cheng said that she used to earn 10 yuan a day but due to her recent popularity she can earn 30 yuan a day.

Many people who read about Cheng's story have come to her stall to buy her snacks; some of them are people who bought food there when they were children.