Trending: Library welcomes tramps

Updated: 2014-11-25 11:57


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Hangzhou library gives warm welcome to tramps, hacked web posting backs lovesick student and 'Big Xi' proves lucrative for online shop


Trending: Library welcomes tramps

A porcelain cup, similar to that used by President Xi Jinping, for sale on a website. [Photo/Beijing Youth Daily]

Shop cashes in on 'Big Xi'

An online shop selling items used by President Xi Jinping has attracted the attention of fans of the state leader, Beijing Youth Daily reported.

Cups and umbrellas of the type used by Xi are available from the shop run by a Weibo account called xuexifensituan, or "The Fans of Big Xi". Among the best-sellers are pine-themed porcelain cups, customized for the president, of which up to 44 a day are sold.

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