Trending: Sexologist becomes nun

Updated: 2014-12-22 12:07


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Trending: Sexologist becomes nun

Elevator at the entrance of the building. [Photo/IC]

Money opens elevator's door

When an elevator constructed by a son to help his old mother turned out to be discomforting to the neighbors, the man decided to buy his way out of the trouble, reported Zhejiang-based Qianjiang Evening News.

Li's mother, who is close to 90, lives on the fifth floor of an old-fashioned building that didn't have an elevator. To help her get home easily, Li built an elevator that reached right up to her apartment.

But his move left neighbors unhappy because the elevator was much closer to the building than planned, causing inconvenience to residents going in and out of the building.

He decided to react to their displeasure in his own way: he bought all the houses on the floors below his mother's home, with 6 million yuan ($964,700).

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