Trending: Sexologist becomes nun

Updated: 2014-12-22 12:07


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Trending: Sexologist becomes nun

The man prepares a list of train tickets before he buy them online. [Photo/]

Man wins mother-in-law's heart with tickets

A man wanted to take his fiancée to meet his parents, but his future mother-in-law wanted to test his financial situation so she asked him to fork out one million yuan ($160,000) bride-price and pay for 20 tickets for the girl's relatives to go to the man's hometown along with the young couple, according to

Although faced with a daunting task, the man from Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan province, completed the "mission impossible" by managing to buy all the tickets during the Spring Festival rush for their journey from Beijing to Chengdu.

The girl's mother, impressed by the man's achievement, rewarded his efforts by halving the bride-price. Netizens gave thumps-up to the protagonist for his ticket-buying feat and also to the considerate prospective mother-in-law.

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