Group charges money to help stuck drivers

Updated: 2015-01-30 11:48


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Group charges money to help stuck drivers

A shirtless man sits on a train with his son on Jan 26. [Photo/]

Man and son hit by heatstroke in cold winter

When the country is experiencing the coldest period of the year, few could imagine someone suffering a heatstroke.

A man and his son were on their way to their hometown in Changde, Hunan province, from Shenzhou for the Spring Festival when they suffered a heatstroke, on a train, reported.

Due to the high temperature inside the train and lack of air ventilation, the man stripped off his shirt but even then found it difficult to breathe.

The train staff was alerted and moved the man and his son to the dining car immediately, and doctors were summoned by the train broadcaster.

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