Six in ten Chinese workers suffer chronic diseases: survey

Updated: 2015-07-15 10:46


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(ECNS) - Nearly 60 percent of Chinese employees suffer from chronic diseases, with work-related stress being the leading health risk, according to a new survey.

The data comes from the Chinese Employees Health Condition and Medical Benefits Report 2015, produced by Ping An Health Insurance and the Horizon Research Consultancy Group. It includes six months of interviews with 499 Human Resources managers and 2,099 employees, covering eight industries across 15 cities.

Chinese workers are an average 5.7 years older than their real age in terms of vitality, the report says. Cervical spondylosis, abnormal wear on the cartilage/bones of the neck, and insomnia are among the top health troubles for many employees.

The survey also found that more than a quarter of workers see a doctor three times a year, although most are usually allowed only one to four days of sick leave, which means that many of them work while ill.

Nearly 54 percent of companies fail to remind employees of their health conditions on a regular basis, and 24 percent do not follow up after health checks.

The survey also finds a huge gap, sometimes more than 20 percent, between health services provided by Chinese companies and actual employee requirements. For example, 44 percent of HR managers value strong food safety, but 75 percent of employees have this requirement. Employees also have higher expectations of health insurance for their spouses and children than companies offer.

Chen Xiaoli, a senior partner at Horizon Research, suggests that companies should take more measures to improve the health of their employees.