Google demos online marketing strategies to support Chinese SMEs

Updated: 2015-09-18 10:59

By Liu Zheng in Hong Kong(

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To make profits, Solo Launcher, a Beijing-based application developer, uses app promotional ads and the relatively new Google Play search ads to promote their products.

According to statistics from app analysis firm AppAnnie, as of May 2015, Solo Launcher ranked 25th out of the top 30 apps. On Google Play's Top Free apps in the personalization category, it ranks at No. 1 in more than 40 countries.

Sino, a Beijing-based recombinant proteins and antibodies maker, started using Google's products in 2009. In March, one product that was promoted via the Google Display Network (GDN) saw a 40 percent increase in sales.

The company spends about 85 percent of its total budget for marketing on Google's platforms.

Even though it targets niche, corporate clients and academic institutions, Sino has recognized the importance of mobile to its business. The company plans to set up a mobile site and will start using mobile ads by the end of the year.

"In 2014, our firm noticed that an increasing number of leads were coming from mobile devices, so we decided to set up a mobile-friendly site to make it easier for visitors to find out about the company," said Brian Hsu, marketing manager of BH Asia, a Taiwan-based fitness equipment manufacturer.

The company consulted with Google on building its website and posting promotional video on YouTube.

According to Hsu, website traffic grew significantly and in some countries like Thailand and Sri Lanka, around 90 percent of the traffic now comes from mobile devices.

BH Asia was founded in 2007 in Taichung, Taiwan and the company owns over 50 retail stores across Asia, including stores in India, Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka and in Australia,.

BH Asia's YouTube channel accumulated over 3 million views through the GDN. And to help optimize its digital campaigns, the company also uses Google Analytics and YouTube Analytics to measure performance.

BH Asia now invests about 60 percent of their digital marketing budget in Google tools, and is planning to raise their investment in YouTube advertising by 100 percent.