Prosperous ethnic communities promote unity in Kunming

Updated: 2015-11-07 21:49

By Liu Xiaozhuo(

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Prosperous ethnic communities promote unity in Kunming

The picture shows one of the career training courses in the Jinxing community, Nov 6, 2015. [Photo by Liu Xiaozhuo]

The development of various ethnic communities in Kunming, capital city of China's Southwestern Yunnan province, has tremendously strengthened the unity and harmonious co-existence of ethnic groups.

Kunming is home to 52 ethnic groups, including Yi, Hui, Dai, Bai, Miao and so on. The population of ethnic groups has reached 856,200, accounting for 15.55% of the total of the city. Communities are the main places that help people of various ethnic groups improve living conditions and pursue happiness.

Shuncheng Community, located in an urban area, is a typical ethnic community of Kunming. The 10597 residents are from 15 ethnic groups, among which 2990 are of minorities like Hui, Yi, Bai and so on.

Luo Xiao, a Hui official of the community, highlights the humanistic service and help provided by the community to residents of all the ethnic groups.

"86-year-old Ma Bingliang is a senior resident of the Hui ethnic group who lives alone. Some time ago, his neighbor reported that the old man has not showed up for three days. Workers of the community went to his home and found that he had been ill for some time. The workers sent Ma to hospital and took care of him until he recovered," Luo said. And this is only one of the many stories about the community's work.

The community also uses digital measures to provide more conveniences to residents. Luo said the Wechat service account of the community which came online in this June has already attracted more than 400 users. The account releases information that residents can use in daily life.

Luo also explained that the religious faith of ethnic groups are respected in the community. There is a historic mosque in the central area in Shuncheng Community, where Muslims can conduct religious activities.

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