Love through war and peace

Updated: 2015-11-26 14:51


In today's trending, WWII vet reenacts wedding photo 70 years later, a package bought last year arrives this Singles' Day season, and two million bees block an expressway.

Love through war and peace

A photo of Cao Yuehua and his wife Wang Deyi wearing wedding suit and dress to celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary in North Hotspring Park, Southwest China's Chongqing municipality on Nov 24, 2015 (right) and the wedding photo they took in 1945 (left). [Photo/IC]

WWII veteran reenacts photo to celebrate 70th wedding anniversary

What is love? People might give many answers. But this story is likely to touch many as the epitome of love - the story of a couple that stayed together for 70 years through war and peace.

A WWII veteran Cao Yuehua and his wife Wang Deyi, both 97 years old, celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary and reenacted their wedding photo on Nov 20, in North Hotspring Park, a historic war site, in Southwest China's Chongqing municipality where the couple took their first wedding photos seven decades ago.

Cao, a translator, was sent to the China-Burma-India Theater, a crucial battlefield during WWII, where he kept touch with his then-girlfriend Wang through letters. At the celebration, Cao read a love letter mailed from the battle field during the war in English and Wang read its Chinese version to express their love to each other before the audience.

"Couples need to care for each other. I think of her at anytime, and so does she," Cao told Xinhua after the celebration.

Love through war and peace

A photo of Cao Yuehua and his wife Wang Deyi taken in the year of their wedding in 1945 (top) and a photo they took in the year of their 60th wedding anniversary in 2005 (below). [Photo/IC]

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