President Xi Jinping's views on the Internet

Updated: 2015-12-14 09:49


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The following are President Xi Jinping's main thoughts on cyber security:

"There'll be no national security without cyber security, and no modernization without informationization."

--- At the first meeting of the central Internet security and informatization leading group, Feb 27, 2014

"Cyber security and informationization are similar to the two wings of a bird. We must unify them."

--- At the first meeting of central Internet security and informatization leading group, Feb 27, 2014

"A cyberspace of security, stability and prosperity is of increasing significance to the peace and development of a country and even the world."

--- Xi spoke to delegates at the eighth annual China-US Internet forum at Microsoft Corp headquarters in Redmond, Washington, Sep 23, 2015

"China takes cyber security very seriously. China is also a victim of hacking... Cyber theft of commercial secrets and hacking attacks against government networks are both illegal ... China and the United States share common concerns on cyber security."

--- Ahead of his first official state visit to the US, President Xi Jinping provided written answers to questions submitted by The Wall Street Journal, Sep 22, 2015

"There are no double standards in the information sector and every country has the right to preserve its own information security. No matter how developed a country's Internet technology is, it just cannot violate the information sovereignty of other countries."

--- At the Brazilian National Congress during his official visit to the Latin American country, July 16, 2014

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