China's warmest region not immune to cold snap

Updated: 2016-01-22 14:42


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HAIKOU -- Not even the southernmost tropical island of Hainan will escape the cold front sweeping across most of China,according to the local meteorological authority.

Hainan Meteorological Observatory forecast that temperatures across the the island province will drop by up to 13 degrees Celsius, and its surrounding waters will be battered by high winds on Jan. 23.

Cai Qinbo, head of the observatory, said this may be the strongest bout of cold weather in Hainan for 15 years.

With winter temperatures usually exceeding 18 degrees Celsius, Hainan is a popular winter resort and many retirees chose to spend the colder months there.

The national weather observatory said there will be a steep drop in temperatures from Thursday night to Monday in northern, eastern and central regions. Temperatures that are already well below zero in some areas could drop by 14 degrees Celsius.