Online platform to help oversea job hunters

Updated: 2016-02-05 20:29

By WANG HONGYI in Shanghai(

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Shanghai recently launched a public foreign labor service account at WeChat, an online message platform, which works to provide effective and quality service for people who seek overseas work.

The official account, roughly translated as "going abroad express",was launched by the Shanghai Foreign Labor Cooperation Service Platform, a department under the Shanghai Commerce Commission. It will not only provide transparent information, standardized management and effective service, but also introduce overseas professional training institutes to help improve the comprehensive quality of foreign labor personnel.

In 2015, about 18,800 workers were dispatched to overseas countries from Shanghai. Preliminary investigation showed that about 7 million of the city's 15 million migrants are suitable for working overseas,according to officials.

Many people who seek overseas work often fail to find suitable ways to do so due to the confusion in the labor-export market caused by a number of unqualified companies, officials said.

So far, there are 28 qualified foreign labor service cooperation companies in Shanghai, according to Shanghai Commerce Commission.

By leveraging the resources of these qualified companies, the commission plans to launch an app that will connect to the overseas employers directly. It will reduce the unnecessary intermediary links and lower the cost of looking for overseas work, officials said.

Besides that, it also plans to enhance specialized training for the overseas labor market.

In 2015, Shanghai foreign labor service cooperation business was involved with more than 70 countries and areas, with Asia accounting for nearly 70 percent. Among them, the key markets were Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.

Meanwhile, transportation, construction, textile and garment manufacturing were the major industries for labor export. Nurses, carers and cooks were also popular for labor-export, officials said.