Five momerable moments in China's space probe

Updated: 2016-04-23 10:01


Chinese government approved on March 21 that China will celebrate its National Day of Space Flight every year on April 24, the day when China's first satellite was successfully launched. The following are five memorable milestones that have highlighted the history of the country's aerospace exploration.

Five momerable moments in China's space probe

China's first satellite Dongfanghong-1. [Photo/Xinhua]

First satellite

On April 24, 1970, China successfully sent its first satellite, Dongfanghong-1, into orbit with its Long March rocket, officially joining in the "space club" of the world, becoming the fifth nation after the Soviet Union, the U.S., France and Japan to achieve independent launch capability.

After the launch, the devices on Dongfanghong-1 operated for 28 days, exceeding the originally estimated 20 days. It acquired a great deal of data for later satellite research and development.

Nearly half a century has passed, and Dongfanghong-1 is still orbiting the Earth. It is believed it will continue its voyage for centuries to come.

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