Silkworms spin 'Silk Road' in outer space

Updated: 2016-10-27 09:53

By Chen Ziyan(

After experiencing the "space walk" in zero gravity, the six silkworms taken aboard Tiangong II for experiment have started showing off their spinning skills.

A footage released by CCTV on Thursday shows the insects spinning in their special "living rooms" held by astronaut Jing Haipeng.

The six silkworms, "dwelling in" separate containers made from aerospace material, are wrapped with aerospace-used sponge, to help them better adapt to the environment.

According to a researcher from China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, the six silkworms with "whiter skins" and "larger shape" were selected from nearly 4,000 silkworms after extensive training before starting their outer space travel.

The silkworm experiment, one of the three projects designed by Hong Kong middle school students, aims to study the insect's spinning, cocooning and transformation in microgravity.

More experimental results are expected.

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