Twins with brain paralysis make their own living

Updated: 2016-11-09 15:57

By Ma Chi(

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Twins with brain paralysis make their own living

Tian Xiaolu (center) and Tian Lulu (right) with their mother. [Photo/Liaoning Evening Daily]

A pair of twins with brain paralysis did not give in to fate but rather found their own way to live a good life, reported Liaoshen Evening News.

Tian Lulu and Tian Xiaolu, born in 1991, live in Dandong, Northeast China's Liaoning province. Their parents are deaf-mutes. To make the family's conditions worse, the twins were found to have brain paralysis after birth.

Last year, their father – the backbone of the family – died of cancer. Even while dealing with this hardship, the twins refused donations from kind-hearted people and struggled to support themselves and their mother on their own.

The twins and their mother share a one-bedroom house. The house has poor lighting and old, fading furniture. The only appliance in the room is a TV set, which was left by the twins' grandfather.

Though a small house, it is kept tidy and clean.

Tian Lulu, the elder sister, sits on the bed. When the phone rings, she supports her body with her right hand, and uses her finger to reply to a message on WeChat with difficulty.

Lulu is "luckier" than her younger sister because her left index finger and middle finger can move flexibly and she is the only person in the family who can speak.

She is a good typist. At the end of the sentence, she even adds an emoji. "That's the new skill I got," Lulu says with a laugh.

At the same time, her younger sister Tian Xiaolu, sits on a wheelchair at the bedside, her arms and legs tied up to the wheelchair to keep her steady and prevent her from hurting herself as she cannot control her body like normal people.

Xiaolu wears a special device on her head. It is an empty pen that contains a stylus, which is linked with a piece of rubber band and tied up with her hair band. With the device, Xiaolu is able to type words on a mobile phone more comfortably than using her nose as she used to.

The twins have been supporting the family by selling soap and other women's products on WeChat for nearly a year.

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