Native American tribe to dub 'Star Wars'

2013-05-02 14:34:54

The largest Native American tribe in the United States is seeking to dub the classic 1977 movie "Star Wars" movie in Navajo as a way to help preserve its traditional language.

Police sorry for video mocking homeless

2013-05-02 14:14:14

Seattle's interim police chief has apologized for appearing in a 1986 video that showed him and other officers mocking the homeless.

Microraptors had taste for sashimi: Study

2013-04-30 23:55:07

Fossil evidence showed that the Microraptor — a four-winged, flying dinosaur about the size of a pigeon — may have been a big fan of sashimi.

Pig takes dog's place as family member

2013-04-08 15:51:07

Mr Min spends four hours and walks twice a day with his 'BAMA miniature pig' Zhu Zhu in Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei province.

Lone female student leaves 29 broken hearts

2013-03-22 11:22:58

The only female student majoring in mining at a university in Wuhan has applied for a transfer, and the other 29 students in her class, all male, wrote letters asking her to stay.

Woman has two sets of twins in one day

2013-02-19 13:13:25

A Texas mother had a one-in-70-million kind of Valentine's Day this year when she gave birth to two sets of identical twin boys.

20,000 yuan thrown around railway station

2013-01-28 15:26:53

A young man, in a moment of madness, threw about 20,000 yuan ($3,200) around a railway station in Southwest China’s Chongqing.

Obama the fly swatter strikes again

2013-01-25 09:07:59

There was a buzz at the White House on Thursday when President Barack Obama announced the nomination of two top financial regulatory officials.

Woman with cocaine implants arrested

2012-12-13 10:15:40

Spanish police arrested a Panamanian woman on Wednesday who landed in Barcelona from Bogota, Colombia with cocaine stuffed inside her breast implants.

Man arrested with a belly full of diamonds

2012-11-16 09:47:45

South African police have arrested a 25-year-old man suspected of attempting to smuggle 220 diamonds out of the country in his digestive tract through Johannesburg's main airport.

Baby girl has surgery to remove tail

2012-10-30 16:42:03

A four-month-old girl received surgery to remove her 6-centimeter tail at a hospital in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, earlier this month.

Summer babies less likely to be CEOs

2012-10-24 15:38:05

The date of birth may affect one's chance to climb up to the topmost corporate position in future career, a Canadian study shows.

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