Comic relates to Beatle's exit

Updated: 2013-03-12 15:45

(China Daily/Agencies)

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Comic relates to Beatle's exit

[Photo/China daily]

Singer Paul McCartney's decision to leave the Beatles and embark on a solo career is the subject of a new comic book that aims to give fans a new perspective on the breakup of the Fab Four, its publisher says.

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The 24-page Paul McCartney: Carry That Weight is the third comic book by US publisher Bluewater Productions about the iconic British band, which split up in 1970. Speculation about what caused the breakup has ranged from artistic differences and legal disputes outside the group to John Lennon's marriage to artist Yoko Ono.

McCartney has said that the group, which also included George Harrison and Ringo Starr, had already been winding down by the time Lennon met Ono. "It is about Paul McCartney leaving the Beatles. We tell that story," publisher Darren Davis says.

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"These are comic books. They're meant to be fun but educational, as well," he adds. Although the writer reached out to the former Beatle, Davis says McCartney, 70, did not contribute to the comic book.

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