Han-style Chinese beauties at Cambridge

Updated: 2015-03-02 17:18


Han-style Chinese beauties at Cambridge

A group of photos featuring Chinese beauties in Han-style costumes taken on the Cambridge campus goes viral on the Internet. [Photo provided to Chinaculture.org]

Several Chinese students at the University of Cambridge held a Han-style photo shoot in February to promote traditional Chinese culture. The photos combining Chinese beauties and attractive Western architecture immediately went viral on the Internet.

The Han-style costume, also known as Hanfu, is the traditional dress of the Han Chinese people. The Hanfu is now worn during some festivals or coming of age and first writing ceremonies. It is often seen in Chinese television serials, films and other forms of media entertainment.

According to the Chinese student who organized this photo shoot, the idea was to introduce Chinese culture to the Western world. Amazed by the charms of Chinese culture, some foreign students are starting to take part in events organized by those Chinese students, such as a Chinese culture class, Chinese literature reading club, exhibition of Chinese calligraphy and paintings and traditional Chinese culture lectures.

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