Traditional Yuju Opera faces dilemma

Updated: 2015-11-13 11:35


Traditional Yuju Opera faces dilemma

Cao Tianye, 15 years old, is the youngest member in the Sujun Yuju Opera Troupe. He is a student of an opera school, and a temporary intern during the summer holiday. As being an opera actor is too tiring and makes little money, he has already given up the thought of working in this field. [Photo/IC]

The Yuju Opera actors receive low salary and the future looks gloomy. It's becoming difficult to innovate and many young people are moving away from it.

Nowadays, only middle-aged and senior villagers are still Yuju Opera fans.

When the day comes when only photos and videos of the opera would be left, would we regret not doing enough to save the traditional art? Protect it, before the art is lost forever.