What they say - Stan Lai

Updated: 2013-03-27 09:49

(China Daily)

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Stan Lai is an inestimable artist who has rich teaching experiences and deep Buddhist insights.

Ang Lee, film director.


A Dream Like a Dream is a classic with great creativity, which reminds me of Robert LePage's work, equally entertaining and profound, but carrying more mystique.

Lin Hwai-min, founder and choreographer of Cloud Gate Dance Theater.


With his great compassion, he has transcended the world inhabited by us mortals and risen so high, yet he has returned - as a child with boundless wisdom.

Shi Ke, actress who has appeared in two of Lai's productions.


He is someone I'm willing to trust. I've never been in a play before and did not believe I could do a good job. He put me at ease.

Li Yuchun, pop singer who plays a young doctor in A Dream Like a Dream.


He gives me so much room for creating my role and would gently remind me when I stepped out of the framework of that role.

Hu Ge, TV star who is making his first debut in theater work.


He is a good friend and always communicates healthy, pleasant and positive energies.

King Shih Chieh, Taiwan actor who has appeared in more of Lai's productions than he can count.