Film depicts Chinese students abroad

Updated: 2015-08-03 11:21

By Niu Yue in New York(China Daily USA)

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A short film created by Chinese students in New York exploring the struggles of Chinese students studying abroad premiered on July 31 at the JCC Manhattan in New York.

Entitled Study Abroad 2: The Daydream Bunny, the film tells the story of a Chinese student studying printmaking in New York City, trying to earn money for her graduation exhibit to prove to her conservative mother the quality and talent embedded in her art.

Through all of her hard work, including selling paintings on the street, drawing illustrations for magazines and doing part-time jobs, she finally wins her mother's acceptance.

"I always had this image in my mind of a luxurious street in New York and a forlorn art student selling her artwork dejectedly, trying to find an appreciative buyer," said Yung-Jen Yang, director and writer of Study Abroad 2, who also directed the debut Study Abroad.

"Anyone who has ever left their home hopes their hard work and talent receives recognition, hopes they cannot only survive, but thrive in this new city," Yung-Jen said.

"When I read the script, I felt like lots of scenes were just what happened to me, as one of the many Chinese students studying the arts here," said Liu Yi, star of the film, who gave up the chance of becoming a PhD candidate in journalism in China to come to New York to study acting because it is her passion.

Study Abroad 2 is the sequel to last December's short film Study Abroad, which was inspired by a 2012 University of Southern California shooting event and the ensuing inaccurate media reports and negative comments about overseas Chinese students on the Internet.

"I hope the film will inspire Chinese students in America to support each other in pursuing their dreams, and I hope it will give those in China a better picture of our lives abroad so they can understand and encourage their friends overseas," said Cathy Jiang, producer of the Study Abroad films.

The first film, which was based on true stories of Chinese students pursuing their dreams overseas, got more than 3 million views on line. Its success brought a great amount of resources for the sequel.

Study Abroad 2 got financial sponsorship from the Qubit Ocean Fund and Beijing-based CPT Company, which supported a more professional cast and crew.

"I am so happy to see the great improvement of the sequel as well as the growth of Asian filmmakers in New York," said David Hou, a New York film producer, after watching 30-minute-long film on Friday. "I am confident that they will have a bright future ahead for their wonderful work."

Study Abroad 2 will be released on Youtube and Chinese video viewing website Youku immediately following the screening.

Hong Xiao in New York contributed to this story.

 Film depicts Chinese students abroad

Xiao Tong, heroine of Study Abroad 2: The Daydream Bunny, is played by Liu Yi. Provided to China Daily

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