Chinese cultural performance staged in Budapest to mark Lunar New Year

Updated: 2013-02-11 11:21


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BUDAPEST -- Performers from China and Hungary staged a diverse cultural and sports performance in Budapest on Sunday to mark the Chinese Lunar New Year.

The performance, organized by the Subjective Values Foundation and the Chinese Arts Center (CAC), included presentations of calligraphy, dancing, music, tea ceremonies, acrobatic and martial arts shows, and table tennis, among others.

"This lunar festival was a big dream to us, which we could organize with the Subjective Values Foundation," Gabor Cserkesz, president of the CAC, told Xinhua.

"For many years in the Chinese Arts Center we have cherished this dream, which in 2013 became reality," Cserkesz said. "The goal of this festival is that every organization, school, foundation which deals with China or the Chinese culture, can introduce itself altogether."

The role of the CAC is to secure a united platform for everybody, he added.

Chinese ambassador to Hungary Xiao Qian was present at the event. He said that the event "not only provides a chance for Hungarian friends to understand and contact the Chinese culture, but also a chance to experience the Lunar New Year for Chinese living here."

On Sunday evening, the Guangxi Acrobatic Team and Chinese artists living in Hungary presented their shows at a Happy Chinese New Year Gala.