Top 10 travel spots around Hainan

Updated: 2016-01-05 10:43


Top 10 travel spots around Hainan

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More than 270,000 passengers have visited South China's Hainan province since the launch of the high-speed train that circles the island last Wednesday, according to a report by Shanghai's Dragon TV.

As the total journey around the island takes about three hours, travelers get time to savor cuisines and take in the scenic spots.

"The western island offers visitors view of volcanic landscapes and ethnic group culture, which serve as kind of a complement to sceneries in the east," said Zhou Ping, deputy director of Hainan Provincial Tourism Development Commission.

Here, we have chosen 10 out of the 12 cities and counties connected by the high-speed train, offering you a glimpse of the cuisines and sceneries scattered around this international island known for its beauty contest and Boao Forum for Asia.


Scenic spots:

Yanoda Rainforest Tourism Zone a rainforest garden designed according to the landscape and mountain terrain. The place contains six rainforest wonders such as plant strangle, flower basket, old Stems Blossom, great roots, intertwined vines and huge stones embraced by roots. Visitors can not only enjoy the tranquility of the rainforest, but also participate in the valley explore activities lead by local staff there. There is also a fantastic sky bridge in the park.

Local food:

Sanya's sea cucumber is a popular dish among visitors to Sanya. It is also known as plum blossom sea cucumber because of its pattern looks like scattered plum blossom. It is big in shape, and tastes crispy and tender. It is the best kind of sea cucumbers in Hainan.

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