Updated: 2012-03-21 07:58

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Protectionism will not hurt US

Comments on "Protectionism does not pay" (China Daily, March 8)

Protectionism is a manifestation of national parochialism that undermines the long-term development of the global economy. In order to safeguard national domestic interests, governments make use of policies or measures that restrain trade and undermine fair trade rules to protect domestic sectors and industries from what is fair competition.

The US expects that its new protectionist bill will prevent foreign products from entering the domestic market in the short term and thus it will win more space for the development of its domestic industries.

The passage of the US new protectionist bill is just for their short-term interests. The writer optimistically believes that the bill will be a double-edged sword that will hurt both the US and its trade partners, China in particular. But I am afraid, the US government, which is rather experienced in these matters, must have already done a sophisticated calculation of interests before the passage of protectionist bill.

Therefore, if you really worry about the effects of the US' protectionist bill on China and want to help the Chinese government tackle it, you must research the bill carefully first.

Xie Jichao, via e-mail

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