Maintaining stability

Updated: 2012-04-18 08:09

(China Daily)

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The Wang Lijun incident, a police reinvestigation into the death of Neil Heywood and an investigation into serious discipline violations by Bo Xilai have caused some from overseas to speculate about China's future, says a commentary of Xinhua News Agency. Full text below:

However, looking back at the trajectory of China's development, its current situation and future prospects for development, observers will find that similar individual incidents have not and will not impede China's development.

The Bo Xilai investigation is a case that the Communist Party of China has handled according to Party regulation and discipline, reflecting the Party's resolution to strictly govern itself. It does not indicate a political struggle within the Party.

Prior to Bo, there were also members of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau who were investigated and punished for discipline violations, including Chen Xitong, former secretary of the Beijing municipal committee of the CPC and Chen Liangyu, former secretary of the Shanghai municipal committee of the CPC.

The way in which these cases were handled safeguarded the dignity of Party discipline and law, won resolute support from the people and were conducive to China's healthy development.

China's current success has hinged on the concerted efforts of all Party members and people from all ethnic groups in the country. This is one of China's characteristics and advantages. All in all, success in China hinges on the Party.

As the world's biggest ruling party with more than 80 million members, the CPC has withstood a variety of tests during the past 90 years, accumulated abundant governing experience and gained the ability to overcome a variety of challenges.

The CPC has a solid ruling foundation. The Party and government give consideration to interests and demands from all sides and integrate the people's concerns into the country's objectives, which has allowed China to maintain long-term and sustainable stability and development.

The fundamental objective for China's development is to safeguard and improve its people's livelihoods and let all the people share the fruits of the country's success. In recent years, China has made multiple efforts in this respect and brought benefits to its people.

All of these factors have allowed the CPC to win wide support from the people, as well as motivated it to boost reform and development.

The continued development of China is expectable, thanks to the discovery of the "path of socialism with Chinese characteristics". Many people are shifting their attention to the advantages of China, including its high degree of stability and continuity of national policies.

The combination of Party policies, the people's wishes and power and the State's will have ensured that economic and social development strategies will be forward-looking and scientific, and guaranteed that successful policies will be implemented by successive governments.

Consensus and unity are the foundation of China's development and have prevented this development from being interrupted.

China is at a crucial stage of reform and development and is being faced with economic institutional transitions, social transformation, structural adjustments, increasing ideological diversity and pluralized interests. However, all social strata in China have a broad consensus in maintaining reform, development and stability.

China is in the middle of an important period of strategic development and will hold fast to the opportunities it has been presented with. Although there will still be many more difficulties down the road, China will unswervingly march forward and endeavor to fulfill all of its goals.

(China Daily 04/18/2012 page9)