Updated: 2012-05-03 08:07

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Different view of the DPRK

Comment on "DPRK is a land of surprises for visitors" (China Daily, April 19)

Thank you for this interesting report on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Most Western readers know this country only from distorted articles in the Western mainstream press, which always condemns the DPRK. I hope that this mysterious and isolated country will open up more to tourists from abroad. It will be good if more people are able to visit the DPRK and see it for themselves.

Olivia Kroth, on China Daily website

Doctors should put patients first

Comment on "Vice-Premier puts focus on medical reform" (China Daily, April 19)

Medical and healthcare reform is really a tough social issue in China and we should be very prudent, and think twice before acting. The responsibility of doctors is to cure patients and save lives. Doctors should not put income first, but we should also guarantee that their incomes match their contributions.

A reader, on China Daily website

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