Terrorists: Enemies of all

Updated: 2014-05-27 09:39

By Li Yang(chinadaily.com.cn)

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Terrorism is an enemy of the people and human civilization, and must be condemned by all people longing for peace and justice, says an article of the 21st Century Business Herald. Excerpts:

The cruel act in a morning market in Urumqi, capital of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, on May 22 took 31 lives and injured 94. The terrorists drove vehicles to crush the crowds, and threw explosives to kill as many as possible.

All the people who are brave enough to walk in streets and live their normal lives in that city after the brutal inhuman attack are actually fighting the terrorists through their actions.

The public security, judicial and antiterrorism authorities must do their best to find the plotters behind the attack and all the suspected accomplices who facilitated the massacre.

The tragedy finally changed the US government’s attitude about what is going on in Xinjiang. US politicians have enough reasons to reflect on the vaguely worded past statements on Xinjiang’s terrorism.

The Chinese government needs to draw lessons from the failures to thwart the recent attacks in Kunming and Urumqi. Many local officials in China do not fully understand the rising pressure from terrorism.

The government should consider providing necessary information to the public to warn people against a possible attack. Transparency and communication can relieve people’s anxiety and consolidate their confidence in fighting with terrorists. Otherwise, the people will always feel they are kept in the dark, and that they are vulnerable.

Terrorism is enemy for all ethnic groups in China. The authorities should never equate terrorism with a particular ethnic group or a religion. Promoting the balanced development of Xinjiang, bridging the widening income gap and improving governance are effective means of eliminating the soil in which terrorism grows.