A sordid case of moral turpitude

Updated: 2014-06-12 08:34

(China Daily)

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Some websites have reportedly offered breastfeeding services to adult customers. The wet nurses, offered by the websites, are also reported to provide sexual services. This is a gross violation of social as well as moral laws, says an article in People's Daily. Excerpts:

In 2000, the National Health and Family Planning Commission issued a document saying mothers' milk is not general food and, hence, cannot be sold as a commodity. But despite that some people are trying to trade in it. Worse, they are using it as a pretext to run prostitution rackets

Wet nurses offering breastfeeding and sex service, the agents who are promoting them and people who are availing of such illegal services all should receive the severest punishments.

Intermediary websites that act as platforms promoting prostitution, too, should be punished, because they are using the garb of trade to run prostitution rackets. Therefore, the authorities should not waste any time in cracking down on the people running such nefarious rackets.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon is evident in many Chinese cities, which the supervision authorities should take immediate action against. Apart from cracking down on the alleged prostitution rackets run by dubious websites, the authorities should also take steps to plug the legal loopholes in order to prevent criminals form using them to their advantage.

Trading in mothers' milk, and running a prostitution racket under its garb, is a crime, and should be dealt with most strictly.

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