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Hou Xie, born in Changsha, capital city of Hunan province, graduated from the Photography Department of Beijing Film Academy in 2001. He is now a photography teacher at Hunan University. He is also a special contributor to China Photo Press, a professional photo agency sponsored by China Photographers Association.

Hou Xie's interpretation of a city in photos: "A city is like a human body, and the people living in the city are like blood cells, which stay busy providing oxygen to the body, sustaining its growth. The development of a city is like the metabolism process of a human body. Nobody can say that old is bad, or that new is good. City dwellers have to face changes in the environment and fierce competition at the same time to survive. On the surface, it looks tranquil, but deep down, there are contradictions and conflicts intertwined that I can draw inspiration from. It was not easy, but it is fun because it is difficult."

The following is a selection of photos from "Vision Fragments of Cities" by Hou Xie.

Photographer Hou Xie
Photographer Hou Xie

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