Underwater photos exhibited in Beijing

Updated: 2014-01-21 17:31

By Li Jing (chinadaily.com.cn)

A photography exhibition featuring water-themed images by Henry Gan, an American-Chinese advertising photographer who has been in the industry for two decades, has ended its tour in Beijing and will move on to Shanghai in April, and then to Chengdu before it goes to Paris and Tokyo later this year.

The exhibition, titled "Intuition", showcases photos characterized by the interaction between water and people, and also serves as a record of a journey Gan took through several countries to relieve the pain caused by the death of his cat.

Gan said the passing of his cat drove him to seek out the essentials of life, and the journey made him realize the significance of water.

"Everyone is born from water and lives on it — it has no color and no smell but is the carrier of life," Gan explained.

All the photos were taken underwater using residents of the countries he visited as models.

Underwater photos exhibited in Beijing
[Photo by Henry Gan/provided to China Daily]

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