Banished asthma-stricken judoka takes to weibo

Updated: 2013-03-26 15:43


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A former award-winning judoka in Yan'an city, Shaanxi province, has taken to micro-blogging after the provincial sports authority banished her from the team when she was diagnosed with asthma.

Zhuang Duoduo, 22, was judo champion in several provincial and city competitions and was part of the provincial team under the administration of the sports authority in Shaanxi.

In a micro blog posted on Sina Weibo, Zhuang said she was kicked off the judo team after being diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma, with nobody paying her medical bills.

She said she won a judo championship at the Shaanxi provincial games under the name of her older sister, as she did not meet the age requirement for the event. She also alleged that her coach embezzled part of her bonus after she won the championship.

Shaanxi Provincial Sports Bureau said the bonus was awarded by the sports authority in Yan'an, and the authority had no knowledge of the matter, the Xi'an-based Chinese Business View reported.

Liu Haijun, an official with the Yan'an sports bureau, admitted that Zhuang's allegation that she used her sister's name to take part in the provincial games was true, the Chengdu Business Daily reported.