Quotes in Paris

Updated: 2013-06-11 08:42

(China Daily)

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"I'm a positive person but, of course I had doubts. I tried to do my best to come back."

Rafael Nadal on his comeback from injury.

"Sport without a goal is stupid. I am a good competitor because I love tennis."

Nadal on what keeps him focused.

Quotes in Paris

"Rafa has new tel. number you should dial 8- 63 62 63."

Fellow professional Tomas Berdych on Twitter.

Quotes in Paris

"I think he has the best mentality I ever seen in my career. He has everything. He can play aggressive, his physical side is unbelievable."

Beaten finalist David Ferrer

Quotes in Paris

"They are fanatics who have no respect for players. It's appalling."

Tournament director Gilbert Ysern on the protestors who interrupted the men's final.

(China Daily 06/11/2013 page12)