Adidas refutes Greenpeace's product test results

Updated: 2014-05-22 14:50

By Sun Xiaochen (

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Sporting-goods manufacturer adidas clarified controversial test reports conducted by Greenpeace on its product quality, stressing that all its products are safe to use.

"None of the tested products pose any health risk to consumers. All of the published results and concentrations fully meet all legal requirements," said an official statement released by Sabrina Cheung, corporate public relation director of adidas Group Greater China, on Wednesday.

In the Greenpeace report, the nongovernment environmental organization said it bought sporting goods from adidas in 16 countries and regions across the world and conducted tests on them from March to May.

It found that some of the brands' soccer shoes and performance shirts had chemical residues, including plasticizer and perfluorinated compounds.

Among the tested products, the perfluorooctanoic acid index of an adidas soccer boot called Predator had more than 15 times the standard amount of the acid, the report said.

The adidas statement said adidas has approached Greenpeace for further clarification and is firmly confident about its product quality and safety.

"We call on Greenpeace to share details of their testing methodology with us as we would like to verify the implied results through independent institutes," the statement said.

"We clearly reject Greenpeace's attempt in making our consumers believe that our products are unsafe".