Beijing the top partner for IOC under Agenda 2020

Updated: 2015-07-30 16:28

(China Daily)

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Delegates highlight a great potential for business and winter sports development offered by China's Winter Olympic and Paralympic Bid

Kuala Lumpur – On the eve of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) electing the Host City for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, the Beijing 2022 Bid has expressed its excitement about the opportunity to present is vision for the Games with IOC members.

A key aspect of the Bid's offer to the Olympic Movement will be the tremendous commercial growth potential that a Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Gameswould offer the development of winter sport, while also utilizing the county's extensive Beijing 2008 legacy to guarantee the successful delivery of the Games and full alignment with the spirit and objectives of the Olympic Agenda 2020.

Wang Anshun, Mayor of Beijing and President of the Beijing 2022 Bid Committee, said: "Throughout the previous months of the Bid campaign, Beijing has been increasingly gaining momentumand excitement in Beijing and Zhangjiakou keeps building every day.

"We believe Beijing 2022 is the right partner for the IOC at this crucial time of transformation, playing our part to support the Olympic Agenda 2020 principles that are setting the foundation for the Olympic Movement to continue to grow sustainably to 2022 and beyond. We have proven our ability to work with the Olympic Family to host spectacular Games, which helps us to offer guaranteed delivery of a successful Games in 2022. We have the passionate and experienced people who know what it takes to stage a Games and we are ready to start tomorrow. We offer the proven capability to host the Games and much more: the chance for winter sports to reach millions of new people and grow into the future."

"We look forward to communicating our strengths, dedication and passion to all the distinguished IOC members tomorrow".

China offers significant potential for the growth of winter sports, with the Chinese Government having previouslyset the development of the country's sports industry a main priority.Under this long term plan seeking to attract 300 million people to ice and snow sports, and the sport industry is expected to grow rapidly to $800 billion (US) by 2025 through promoting sports businesses, developing key sport facilities and opening up an expanded sport market for consumer products and services in the sector.

Hosting the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games would be a key driver to further accelerating this development. In line with the Government's commitment, preparations for the Beijing 2022 Games would specifically further boost the economic development of Sport, Culture and Tourism inBeijing-Zhangjiakou region.

Aligning with Agenda 2020 and avoiding unnecessary venue-building and associated costs, Beijing 2022's Games-plan makes full use of existing venues. Atotal of 11 out of the 12 competition and non-competition venues needed for the Games within the Beijing Zone are legacies from Beijing 2008, including the iconic Bird's Nest, Water Cube, Wukesong Centre and China National Convention Centre. These venues have been easily transitioned into world-class multi-purpose arenas, which enjoy an on-going role for hosting sport and events. The new venues enjoy intense interest from both public and private enterprise investors. Enterprise investment comprises 65% of the venues capital investment, again reflecting the strong market economy.

Beijing 2022's overall marketing revenue target has been conservatively set at $858 million USD, including $660 million USD of sponsorship revenue. The remaining revenue will be raised through the licensing and ticketing programmes.

Zhou Xing, Head of Finance and Marketing for the Beijing 2022 Bid commented:

"Beijing 2022 has already secured eight major sponsors across multiple areasand we are fully confident to deliver a successful marketing programmeand meet the revenue targets established by the IOC. Moreover, a large number of businesses have already indicated their wish to become partner of the Beijing 2022 Games, which gives us further confidence in surpassing our initial marketing revenue targets."

Member of the Beijing 2022 delegation in Kuala Lumpur, Yang Lan who represents the Chinese business community added:

"Winter sports are a new trend in China. Sports market has a huge growth potential and Beijing 2022's marketing partners will benefit with a strong return on investment."

The election of the Host City will start tomorrow in Kuala Lumpur at 4.15pm local time and the decision on the Host of the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games will be announcedat 5.30 pm.