Cleo wants to leave Guangzhou Evergrande

2012-08-27 10:21:07

Guangzhou Evergrande striker Cleo confirmed on Sunday that he was considering leaving the Chinese Super League (CSL) Champions after he was ruled out of the squad for the upcoming AFC Champions.

Mainland Olympics gold medalists visit Macao

2012-08-26 19:07:50

The delegation of Chinese mainland London Olympics' gold medalists arrived in Macao Sunday afternoon for a three-day visit at the end of their three-day trip to Hong Kong.

Lebron James continues China tour

2012-08-24 13:39:41

NBA superstar LeBron James kicked off his seventh personal China journey, meeting with his Chinese fans in Shanghai on Thursday.

Cyclists bring their tricks to NE China

2012-08-24 10:51:28

The Vatternrundan China International Cycling Tourism Festival, 2012 Yanbian kicks off on Aug 23, Yanji, Jilin province. The four-day festival drew more than 600 cyclists from 18 countries and regions.

The tide is turning

2012-08-24 07:49:10

Currents are strong, winds erratic and cold, and tidal currents ferocious. Chinese sailors will brave it all as they make their debut in this week's America's Cup World Series in San Francisco.

CFA Cup: Evergrande takes upper hand

2012-08-23 10:12:12

CFA Cup: Evergrande takes upper hand

Parkour's best ready to gather in Hubei

2012-08-23 08:04:37

The world's top parkour athletes will gather in China for the World Aquatic Parkour Masters in October, the organizers announced on Tuesday.

NBA to help out in Sichuan

2012-08-23 08:04:37

Work will come before play.

Riders hit the track in Biketrail competition

2012-08-21 15:43:56

Many bike riders participated in a BikeTrial competition in Hedong district, Changsha of Henan province. Riders attempted to try and ride through the obstacle course without their feet touching the ground.

Sports chief plays down Liu Xiang's comeback odds

2012-08-19 16:03:36

Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang has nothing more to prove on the field so there is no need for him to rush back out there and make a comeback at the National Games next year, said a sports chief on Saturday.

Chinese Olympic medal winners honored

2012-08-17 20:46:35

Twenty-eight Chinese athletes who won gold medals at the London 2012 Olympics have been honored by the Communist Youth League of China (CYLC) and the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) for their performances at the Games.

Ethnic groups celebrate sporting festivals

2012-08-17 17:51:13

Ethnic groups celebrate sporting festivals.