ISU figure skating worlds opens in Shanghai

2015-03-26 10:24:37

Shanghai opened China's first ever world figure skating championships on Wednesday.

Dutch soccer expertise shows on campus

2015-03-26 06:54:32

More Chinese youngsters look set to benefit from Dutch soccer's renowned youth program, which has produced an abundant supply of top players for clubs worldwide.

Beijing's advantages in 2022 Winter Olympics bid

2015-03-25 11:07:20

The International Olympic Committee evaluation commission is accessing the city's bid for the 2022 Winter Games.

Beijing's Winter Olympics bid warms IOC team

2015-03-25 06:50:06

Beijing's bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics in line with China's regional development strategy has impressed a visiting International Olympic Committee team.

Beijing faces IOC scrutiny over 2022 Winter Olympics bid

2015-03-23 16:52:25

Beijing's mayor intends to show the International Olympic Committee's evaluation commission a well-prepared bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics as well as a vibrant city image.

Beijing beat Liaoning for 3rd CBA title in four years

2015-03-23 07:57:19

Beijing defended the title of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) by beating Liaoning 106-98 in Game 6 here on Sunday for an overall 4-2 victory in the best-of-seven finals.

Beijing takes third CBA title

2015-03-22 21:52:30

Beijing took its third Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) title here on Sunday, beating Liaoning 106-98 on road for an overall 4-2 victory in the best-of-seven finals

Delegation from IOC to inspect facilities in Beijing

2015-03-21 08:00:21

Beijing's bid for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games will enter its decisive phase next week with the IOC evaluation commission visiting the Chinese capital to assess its bid plan on proposed venue sites.

Young table tennis star wins prestigious award

2015-03-21 07:12:19

By For Tin-Tin Ho, a 16-year-old second generation migrant from Hong Kong, playing table tennis has allowed her to feel confident and motivated on the sports field and in life.

The lure of the yuan

2015-03-20 11:07:32

China is becoming a magnet for Brazilian coaches and players, with more than a dozen going there. And money is the biggest lure.

China's plan to move from being 83

2015-03-20 11:07:32

China has the money, the population and a dedicated fan base for a world-class soccer team, but it doesn't have one. That may change with the country's unveiling of a plan this week to eventually get that team.

Marbury hits 36 to tie CBA finals 2-2 for Beijing

2015-03-18 11:29:50

Stephon Marbury knocked down 36 points, including two three-point shows in the final one minute, to pace Beijing over Liaoning 111-110, tying the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) finals series 2-2 on Tuesday.