HK footballer sentenced for bribing to fix match

2011-12-31 09:31:43

A Hong Kong football player, charged by the ICAC, was sentenced to a detention centre for offering bribes to his teammates for assistance in fixing a match against Russia's national youth team.

China harvests in 'backyard' sports

2011-12-31 07:28:38

China is traditionally strong in sports like diving, table tennis and badminton, from which the world's most populous nation has reaped piles of international titles.

Who's hot, who's not in China Sports (Dec 24-30)

2011-12-30 14:40:16

Who's hot, who's not in China Sports (Dec 24-30)

Yearender: New dawn for Chinese swimming

2011-12-29 12:51:12

New dawn has come as Chinese swimmers impressed the world in the year 2011 by making good results and big progress.

Top 10 athletes of China in 2011

2011-12-29 10:54:54

The top 10 athletes of China for the year of 2011 selected by Xinhua News Agency.

The sad side of Chinese sport

2011-12-29 07:56:19

The nation had a lot to celebrate in 2011, but there were also some seriously disappointing moments.

New Hangzhou coach Okada aims to beat Barca

2011-12-28 17:11:38

New Hangzhou Greentown manager Takeshi Okada, famed for his confident predictions, left his players at the Chinese side laughing at him when he boldly told them he was targeting victory over Barcelona at the Club World Cup next year.

China crowned women's world chess team champions

2011-12-27 09:58:44

Chinese team was defeated by Ukraine 1.5-2.5 in the eighth round, but still won the 2011 World Women Chess Team Championship (WWTC) as India and Russia lost their chance to catch up in Mardin province of southeastern Turkey.

China saw stunning string of victories

2011-12-27 07:51:47

In 2011, big names left deep footprints in China's sports world. However, we cannot ignore the remarkable performances of the youngsters below.

China's top ten sports news in 2011

2011-12-26 18:15:47

Following are China's top ten sports news in 2011 selected by Xinhua.

Chinese Christmas for former NBA stars

2011-12-26 13:36:15

This could be their most memorable Christmas abroad: basketball games, as usual; cheers and tears, as usual; Christmas night, in China.

Memorable moments

2011-12-26 07:59:32

Chinese sports fans had a lot to cheer about, and some things to jeer about in 2011