Ducks star Marbury teams with healthcare provider

2015-06-18 22:04:39

A leading provider of private healthcare in China has announced a partnership with former NBA star Stephon Marbury to fund a program providing medical rehabilitative care to children and young people.

'World Cup Day' raises expectations for Chinese soccer

2015-06-17 09:40:38

A crucial tie at the women's World Cup and a belated scoring binge by Chinese men in a Russia 2018 qualifier raised China's expectations for soccer.

An economical Olympic Games benefits both China and Olympic Movement

2015-06-12 15:04:11

Beijing 2022 has promised to host an "economical" Winter Games, which will benefit both China and the Olympic Movement, if Beijing wins the bid at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) 128th Session on July 31.

Beijing bid team puts strong case for 2022 Games

2015-06-09 20:23:25

Assured delivery and great prospects for winter sports were key points in Beijing's presentation at the 2022 Olympic Winter Games Candidate City Briefing in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Bach expects more from candidate cities' presentations for 2022 Games

2015-06-09 10:37:34

The IOC president Thomas Bach said on Monday that he's expecting more for the coming presentations from Beijing and Almaty, the duo candidate cities for the 2022 Winter Games.

Backgounder: Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics bid milestones

2015-06-09 09:31:49

The major events for the 2022 winter games bid.

Beijing ready to showcase crucial bidding presentation to IOC

2015-06-09 09:25:26

Beijing hopes to win favor of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) members with their emphatic bidding presentation on Tuesday, underlining sustainable development, economical Games and athletes-centered Games.

Olympic bid makes skating coach's job easier

2015-06-08 20:32:37

The mentor of China's Olympic champion speed skaters expects Beijing's bid for 2022 Winter Olympics to make her job easier by encouraging more children to don ice skates.

Beijing hopes to impress IOC with commitments at bidding presentation

2015-06-08 18:57:28

Sustainable development, economical Games and athletes-centered Games will be once again underlined in Beijing's presentation.

Canada beat China 1-0 in World Cup opener

2015-06-08 11:10:42

Christine Sinclair scored a stoppage-time penalty to help Canada beat China 1-0 at the Women's World Cup opening game on Saturday.

Chinese duo crowned in mix-double at Indonesia Open

2015-06-07 17:51:20

Xu Chen and Ma Jin beat Zhang Nan and Zhao Yunlei in all China's final in the mix double at badminton's Indonesia Open here on Sunday.

Riders saddle up as tour continues

2015-06-04 21:26:33

The 2015 China Equestrian Tour is heading to Beijing, Dalian and Guangzhou in the coming months after its three-day visit in Shanghai.