Seeking existing prince mansions in Beijing

Updated: 2013-02-05 14:19

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Seeking existing prince mansions in Beijing

Prince Chun's Mansion

4. Prince Chun's Mansion

Prince Chun owned two mansions, one in Taiping Hu (Peace Lake) in Xicheng District and the other on the north bank of Houhai (Rear Lake). The mansions remained the property of the family for over 60 years and were occupied by three generations. The residence is particularly famous for its fine gardens. In 1913 and 1914 the mansion became Zhonghua University and later Republic (Minguo) University. Now it is the Central Conservatory of Music.

5. Prince Li's Mansion

Prince Li's Mansion is in Jiangfang Hutong, Dongxie Street, to the south of Xi' anmen. Just after the founding of the People's Republic, the Ministry of Interior Affairs had its office here.

6. Prince Qing's Mansion

7. Prince Yu's Mansion

Prince Yu's Mansion in the Third Western Lane at Dongdan is now the site of the Peking Hospital (formerly the Peiping Union Medical College).

8. Prince Zhuang's Mansion

Prince Zhuang's Mansion is located in Xitaipingcang in Ping'anli.

9. Prince Shuncheng's Mansion

Prince Shuncheng's Mansion, on Peace Bridge Road (Taiping Dajie) in Xicheng District, serves as the offices of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. In 1924, the mansion became the property of Zhang Zuolin.


Seeking existing prince mansions in Beijing


Seeking existing prince mansions in Beijing

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