Enshi Tusi Imperial City: The largest Tujia city in China

Beautiful scenery in Enshi Tusi Imperial City.[Photo/Chinapic.people.com.cn]

Located in Northwest of Enshi City, central China's Hubei province, the Enshi Tusi Imperial City covers an area of more than 300 mu (one mu equals to 0.0667 hectare). The City is built on a mountain slope, with streams running through, and dotted with green pines and bamboos. Built by local artisans, it's a manor architectural complex, modeled after an antique Tusi city in Tujia area.

The Enshi Tusi Imperial City was opened to the public in 2002. There are three main scenic areas: ethnic culture exhibition area, religion exhibition area, and leisure and recreation area. The city is the only landmark construction of Tusi culture in Tujia area with the largest and the most magnificent scale, the most unique style, and the most beautiful scenery. There are traditional architectures of Tujia, Miao and Dong ethnic groups, showing architectures and sculptures of various styles.

Tujia "Jiujintang", located in the center of ethnic culture area, consists of hanging house, waving hands hall, official hall, study hall, terrace, and theatrical stage. Incorporating architecture, carvings and paintings, Enshi Tusi Imperial City is considered as the largest, the most typical, and the most spectacular architectural complex among the hanging houses in Tujia areas all over the country.

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