Trip to Mianshan Mountain

Updated: 2013-08-21 10:12

By Zhu Ningzhu (

Trip to Mianshan Mountain

Mianshan Mountain is the birthplace of the national intangible cultural heritage - the Chinese Qingming/Hanshi Festival. It is located in Jiexiu city of central Shanxi province, 137 kilometers south of Taiyuan and 125 kilometers north of Linfen. The mountain is noted for its natural and cultural scenes, especially its cultural relics. Visitors can take a five to seven-day trip to learn about Cold Food, Buddhist, Taoist, military or health preservation culture. Covering an area of 75 square kilometers, the mountain is a national scenic spot with 14 tourist areas and 400 attractions.[Photo/]

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Trip to Mianshan Mountain

Trip to Mianshan Mountain

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