Ancient tribe relishes New Year

Updated: 2015-02-04 07:19

By Chen Ji(China Daily)

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Ancient tribe relishes New Year

Young men wear masks in the caogai dance. Chen Ji / China Daily

The troupe then traveled from house to house. Every family greeted them by setting off firecrackers on their doorsteps.

I was snapping photos when several burly women grabbed me and began tossing me in the air. The world appeared upside down, and all I could make out was the swirl of colorful skirts.

The festival's 15th day marked a sacrifice to the local mountain god, Yexinama.

A sheep was cut open, and its entrails and some wool were placed in a small bowl. Blood was collected in another bowl.

The two vessels-representing the whole sheep-were placed on a short parapet facing the mountain.

Then, people began praying.

Elders hoisted a paper effigy and ascended and descended the mountain to drumbeats.

The day and the festival ended with lively songs and dances.

The author is a China Writers Association member. This story first appeared in Chinese Art newspaper and was translated by Yang Feiyue.

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