The doorways of Pingyao

Updated: 2015-10-26 10:56

By David Kindred(

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The doorways of Pingyao

[Photo by David Kindred/For]

Perhaps this door had heard the cry of a child who had forgotten his key when he went to school and was locked out until his mama returned from chatting with a neighbour to let him in and give him his dinner.

Behind another doorway, a child had come into the world headfirst. And years later, that same child, grown old, had left through the same doorway for the last time, carried feet-first to his grave.

The doors changed with time. Locks were installed as trust in each other waned and people looked for security behind a locked door.

Now every door has a lock, protecting the secrets of people’s lives.

Each door has a story behind it. Each door is part of the life of Pingyao and each door left me to wonder.

I know I will return to Pingyao one day soon. My single day of wandering was just not enough. There was so much more of Shanxi to see and my bus, with its engine running, waited to hurry me away to see more of the sights … when I truly wanted to stay.

The author is an English teacher from Canada.