Abe's policy pledges eye economic recovery

Updated: 2013-02-28 17:22


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TOKYO - Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe delivered policy speech to the lower house Thursday and vowed to restore Japan's sluggish economy.

Abe said his government will devote to realize Japan's economic revitalization and push forward growth strategy featured by bold monetary easing policy, flexible financial policy and private sector stimulation.

The prime minister also stressed that Japan should adopt "go out" policy in agricultural sector and build up a strong agriculture as the Japanese agricultural produce is getting popular around the world.

Abe said Japan should strategically enhance economic cooperation with Asian-Pacific, East Asian and European regions, adding the government will decide country's entry into the US- led Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) under the precondition that the TPP is not promised on tariff elimination without sanctuary.

As to foreign policy, Abe said Japan will stick to the diplomacy focused on strategy, value and national interest, saying the core of Japan's foreign policy remains the Japan-US alliance.

Abe also said Japan will restart suspended nuclear reactors once their safety has been confirmed so as to ensure the country's power supply and reduce energy costs.