Egypt denies Morsi intents to run cabinet

Updated: 2013-05-04 10:46


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CAIRO - Egyptian presidency denied Friday the circulated rumors that President Mohamed Morsi intended to hold the post of prime minister in an imminent cabinet reshuffle, official news agency MENA reported.

"There is deliberation over assigning the post to another figure," MENA quoted presidential spokesman Omar Amer as saying.

"Qualification will be the basic criteria for the upcoming cabinet reshuffle," Amer added.

Current Prime Minister Hesham Qandil has been facing wide criticism from the opposition concerning his government's "poor performance" as sacking him has been one of their major demands.

In late April, Morsi announced the imminent cabinet reshuffle and said those best qualified would hold the responsibility while those that did not make any accomplishments would be replaced.

According to political analysts, the expected partial reshuffle that will include about six ministers is not likely to satisfy the country's opposition which demands a complete change of government and the dismiss of Qandil.