Japan minimum wage to rise 15 yen per hour on average

Updated: 2013-09-11 09:23


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TOKYO - Japanese workers' minimum wages will increase 15 yen on a yearly basis to 764 yen per hour after revised wage tariffs take effect in the country's 47 prefectures in October, local media reported Wednesday.

As the largest rise since the 17 yen gain in fiscal 2010, this move is in line with the wish of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's government to pull the Japanese economy out of years deflation, according to the labor ministry.

Minimum wage, which is set by prefectures, will range from 869 yen, the highest, in Tokyo to 664 yen, the lowest, in nine prefectures including Tottori, Kumamoto and Okinawa, after they are revised starting on October 6.