National Day holidays celebrated in different countries

Updated: 2013-09-27 11:32

By Mao Jing and Wang Yu (

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Argentina: Argentina has both National Day and Independence Day. From May 18 to 25, 1810, in Buenos Aires, capital of the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata colonized by Spain, series of events took place which led to the results of the deposition of Viceroy Cisneros and the establishment of a local government Primera Junta, also as First Assembly. The May Revolution began the Argentine War of Independence, although no formal declaration of independence was issued at the time and the Primera Junta continued to govern in the name of the deposed king, Ferdinand VII. May 25 thus becomes their National Day, also known as First National Government Day, which remarks the anniversary of the 1810 May revolution. A formal declaration of independence was finally issued at the Congress of Tucumán on July 9, 1816. The Declaration pointed to the circumstances in Europe of the past six years—the removal of the King of Spain by the Napoleon and the subsequent refusal of Ferdinand VII to accept constitutional rule both in the Peninsula and overseas. Independence Day in Argentina commemorates the day in 1816 when delegates from various provinces of the country met at the home of the prominent Bazán family, in Tucumán, to proclaim their independence from Spanish rule. (source: Wikipedia)

National Day holidays celebrated in different countries

May 25 is celebrated all over the country. Argentinean flags are displayed everywhere, and people dress in the national colors of white and blue. Speeches from the president and government officials are followed by music concerts. But if you ask any Argentinean and they will tell you that the first government has been the only government that was worth a damn. The others have robbed them dry. Some women even send bananas with a blue belt with “he who knows everything” written on it, indicating that their government is a banana government. But they celebrate Government Day every year. They long for an honest government, a government that will lead them out of their difficult circumstances.