Ebola outbreak interrupts Chinese companies in Liberia, but risk controllable

Updated: 2014-08-17 13:05


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Ebola outbreak interrupts Chinese companies in Liberia, but risk controllable

A laboratory technican of the company Icon Genetics prepares proteines from Tobacco plants (Nicotiana benthamiana) for weighing in a laboratory in Halle, Germany, Aug 14, 2014. Icon Genetics develop a technology to mass produce Ebola vaccine with the help of tobacco plants. [Photo/Agencies]

Since many international flights have been suspended, tickets to fly home are hard to get. Only three international airline companies still operate in Liberia.

Xiao said the Chinese embassy in Liberia and local Chinese companies have adopted rigorous measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Since these measures are efficient, the situation is under control.

Liberia is among the worst affected countries in West Africa. The country has been in a state of emergency since Aug 6 and has mobilized troops to control personnel flow into and out of the quarantined zone.

New figures released by the Liberian Health Ministry record 801 confirmed cases and 435 deaths - more than any other affected countries. Among those killed, 39 victims were medical workers.

On Friday, a Chinese medical aid team met Liberian Health Minister Walter Gwenigale and Deputy Health Minister Bernice Dahn.

The Liberian officials expressed gratitude to China for sending medical aid to the African country and briefed them on the situation in the field.

Dahn said that because of traditional customs, cultivating good hygiene habits will take a long time, adding that her country hopes that other countries and international organizations could provide more help in the battle against Ebola.

The Chinese team proposed, among others, to set up a mechanism for coordination among international organizations that are helping in the country, provide local medical workers with more training, and ensure the food and water supplies in quarantined areas.