China, Brazil relations grow stronger

Updated: 2014-10-13 03:54

By ZHANG FAN in Brasilia(China Daily Latin America)

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China, Brazil relations grow stronger

A Brazilian guest is watching a photo in the photo exhibition about China-Brazil relations held in Brasilia on Oct 7. Zhang Fan / China Daily

The year 2014 also marks the 40th anniversary of China-Brazil diplomatic relations, with cooperation between the two countries having developed in various fields, ranging from the economy and politics to culture and technology.

"We are very confident in the future of China-Brazil relations," Li said. "As President Xi Jinping stressed, Sino-Brazilian relations will continue to develop following the principles of mutual respect, mutual benefit, mutual exchange and mutual learning."

Li said he believes that the relationship between China and Brazil will not be influenced by political conditions because it is based on the equal and mutual beneficial cooperation, which can yield practical benefits for the people of both countries.

"The future is rather positive," he said.

To display a comprehensive image of China-Brazil relations, the Chinese embassy to Brazil also presented a photo exhibition during the ceremony of 47 photos selected from Xinhua News Agency and local media.

"The exhibition is related to the political and economic relations of China and Brazil. It also shows the cultural exchanges, such as sports and artists. I am a great fan of Chinese history and the current China is a great country with a great culture," said Matheus Felix, a graduating history major at the University of Brasilia.

"I hope the China and Brazil relationship continues to growth in the future, since the Brazilian market is opening more and more to Chinese products and Brazil gets better product with better prices from China. China has opened a very competitive market compared to other markets, such as the European and North American ones," said Felix.